A New Adventure Awaits

  • Working on Stable Release (New Version) with all focus and updates going to that. 
  • Basic Construction has been added
    Steel nails added to general store
    Karim, North-West Home, will saw your oak logs
    Amethyst is now craftable
    Slayer chest has been added at the home jail
    -Various bug fixes
  • -Placed Anvil in furnace area at Home
  • -Added Spinning wheel to Crafting Guild
  • -Moved Crystal Chest near ::home teleport 
  • -Added ::vote command 
  • -Rev Caves (Forinthry Dungeon) is now a Multi-Zone 
  • -Fixed East & West Wildy Teleports
  • -Added Barrelchest + teleport under “Bosses” 
  • -Added Discord Ranks 
  • -Various Quality of life fixes
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